Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I just COUDN'T resist!!!

Have you ever heard of the cookie diet thing? Its like some kinda special cookie thats like healthy or SOMETHING and I guess your supposed to loose weight with it OR SOMETHING!!! Welllllllllll the other day me and my sis and Jac were walkin through PV Mall and there is this guy sellin THE COOKIE DIET from one of those little booth carts in the middle of the mall. So he is holdin this plate of cookies broken up for samples. Well he offers a sample to my sis and Jac, who politely decline with a simple "No, thank you!" But then It was my turn being offered the DIET cookie sample, and with the straightest, most serious face I could muster, I looked him in the eye and said, "Oh I totally would LOVE to try a cookie, BUT, I'm on a diet!" It was soooooo FUNNY! The best part was his response...SOOOOOO serious back, "OH, Ok!" Of course I got like a foot a way and just like DIED laughing...I think my sis said, "I need HELP!" LOL! But what can I say...It was one of those things...I JUST COULDN'T resist!!! ;]