Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Mountain Apart

WHAT?! No cell phone service?! Those are the words I yelled as our van pulled into the campgrounds. "HA! Andrew Foster NEVER told me about THAT, while telling me about all the wonderful things about this camp!" So everyone in our van is like laughing at me and I'm like...WOW! I'm going from NOW till THURSDAY without phone or internet service!!! Ya all know what that means??!?! Everyone is like, WHAT?! I'm like...That means that THE LORD is gonna be doing some WORK on Mary!!!"  AND he did!!! AND ya know what...It was actually kinda cool going those days without all that stuff. I was just enclosed in this beautiful place with God and His people!!!
As soon as we pulled up to our dorm we were greeted by two girls who immediately became our friends. Ester and Alahondra. They welcomed us to camp and offered to help take up our luggage...and you wern't about to see me declining help with haulin all my junk up those stairs!!! Thanks girls! :). 
Well the girls ask me how old I am, so I am like GUESS!!! One was like 14...I was like WHAT?!?! I was laughing SOOOOOOOO hard...sooooo then they FINALLY agreed 16 but 17...AT THE OLDEST!!! I was like ummmmmmm.....try 26!!! They were like WHAT?!?! NOOOOOO!!! HOW??! LOL It was pretty funny!!! Made me feel PRETTY good SINCE I was by far, THE OLDEST CAMPER there!!! Bro. Andrew asked me later on if I felt out of place as a camper, I was like, UH NO!!! I LOVED it!!! Only thing I didn't like is that they kept sayin 13-25 year olds...BUT, Bro. Andrew says I could still be a camper no matter, but its gonna be through 30 next year!!! WHOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Cause I mean, lets face it...NOT everyone gets married in their late teens/early twentys...AND I for one, still wanna have fun while I'm WAITING!!! ;) ;)
So the first dinner, our table is sittin together chattin and Becca Foster says something about Devi Foster, being our dorm mom...and I was like WAIT?! Devs our dorm mom?!?! And Becca is like...yeah...and I'm like Oooooooooo... I'm sooooooooo SCARED!!! and we all bust up laughing!!! Some things in life just NEVER change...Dev was always like the youth mom back in the day for us anywayz and then when I was soooo sick with my toothach and jaw infection at camp, Dev, took SUCH good care of me!!! And she brought baby Levi in and he smiled at me and it made me feel soooooooo happy!!!  Moving on...
Because the camp was smaller, it was like we ALL instantley became friends with each other. AND I don't want to say that it was MORE spiritual than other places that I have gone, but it was for sure MORE focused on just taking time to set apart and spend with God! They had early morning voluntary prayer before Monday night, I went into the hallway of our dorm and I screamed out...ANYONE THAT WANTS TO BE A PART OF "THE IN CROWD" AT THIS CAMP...GET UP AND GO TO EARLY MORNING PRAYER!!! CAUSE COOL PEOPLE GO TO PRAYER!!!"  And you know what, just about every camper that I know of got up early and went to VOLUNTARY prayer before breakfast...
Stay tuned for more and pictures coming soon!!!