Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July...

I had an AWESOME 4th of July!
I decided to get up early and try a new hair do...I curled my WHOLE head of hair with the curling took like FOREVER to do but I LIKED IT!
Spent the rest of the morning at my AWESOME church...where we had an INTERESTING SONG SERVICE!!! LOLOL!!! AND great preaching!!!
Afterwards, my family came over to mine and my sister's place.
My mother had prepared a BBQ feast AND the boys grilled...which gotta A LITTLE emotional when John BURNT the steaks!!! LOL! BUT the food was GREAT! My brother Joe made his chile for the hot dogs..soooooo we had... Hot dogs, sausage, chicken, steak(Burnt!) ribs, baked beans, chili, macoroni salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, watermelon, AND, AND ICE CREAM CONES!!!
THEN after that, the WHOLE family, all 11 of us, INCLUDING MY MOM AND DAD...all went swimming!!! It was SOOOOO much fun!!! I would post pics but Idk if they would WANT ME TOO! HAHAHAHA!!!
After we got outta the pool, i litterally just FELL asleep without even realiZin it!!! I slept through EVERYTHING till like 8:30...then we went over to my mom's and MY BROTHER'S and Jonathon Stultz from our church, who lives across the street from us, did THEIR OWN display of fireworks!!! I was on official, "Cop-watch-Lookout-duty" IT WAS FUN!!! AND SCARY!!! LOL
Overall, it was and AWESOME day...wonderful time spent with my cRaZy family!!!

PLUS...I got my picture taken with Danny...Mr. Hot Stuff himself!!! ;)
Does it get ANY better than that?!