Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I need a Bandaid!!!

HAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE this icon!!!  I was tellin my sister, thats how it is when you have a crush on someone. When your in-love and in a relationship, and it doesn't work out it, BREAKS YOUR HEART!!! You cry yourself to sleep at night and it just seems like FOREVER before you are FINALLY over that person!!! But I told my sis, when it's JUST A CRUSH, it hurts, BUT its NOT the same as a BROKEN HEART!!! You don't like it, BUT its NOT the end of the world...he doesn't like you, but OH WELL, life GOES ON!!! You can only understand the difference if you've been through BOTH!!! I told my sis, it's like, when you have a crush on a guy and he doesn't like you back, IT stings a little and wounds the pride, BUT its not a big deal, just a little scrape from falling on your knees. Without missing a beat, my sis just looks at me and says, "Or in your case it's more like a FALL ON YOUR FACE!!!" AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was laughing SOOOOOO hard!!! THIS IS SOOOOO THE TRUTH!!!! I've fallen on my face quite a few times in my life AND guess what?!?!? I'm about to do it AGAIN!!!♥♥♥Heeheeeheee!!♥♥♥BREAK OUT THE BANDAIDS PEOPLE!!! Cuz what's ONE MORE SCRAPE?!!? ;) ;) ;) ♥♥♥