Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jose update...

I just realized that I havn't given you all an update on my nephew in quite a while.
 Sooo HERE we go...
FIRST of all...I just wanna say that YES, his name is Joseph Caleb, BUT we ALL CALL HIM JOSE!!!Yes, I said Jose!!! It is Tagolog, which is the Filipino language, for Joseph. WHY does everyone like freak out about that?!?! He knows his name as Jose AND turns and looks at you when you call Jose!!!
Second of all...

He NOW sleeps in a crib!!!
AWWWW! LOOK at his lil foot! LOL!

(Well he loves that water, he can't actually swim yet!;)

He has started crawling and acts like he is going to start walking at ANY MOMENT!!! HE IS VERY, VERY, VERY active! ALWAYS, moving around and touching stuff! He is on the GO! GO! GO!!!


Daddy gave him his FIRST hair cut and he looks SOOOOOOO handsome!!! VERY manley, suave and just all around adorable!!!

HE LOVES his Auntie Maria!!!
OKAAAAAAY well I love him...LOL!!!
WELL...I basically just adore him!!!
He is the cutest thing to ever enter into this world!!!
AND I am VERY happy to announce...
 That he will be ATTENDING his FIRST HERITAGE Conference in just a week from now! Soooo if you guys are going, you just might get lucky and be able to glimpse at him in person. At this point in time he is NOT yet giving out autographs for his AWESOMENESS, but MAYBE next year!!! ;)