Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Ice Cream flavor!!! :D

Soooo today some of us were over at my house earlier in the day, preparing for Jac's birthday party at two. Well some of us girls are in the kitchen preparing food and my niece MJ is just BLABBIN away to all of us...non-stop and we're like NOT REALLY listening to her at all!!!
Next think I know she is like talkin about skin colors and we're still NOT really payin attention and she is like..."Yeah, so Jestina is Chocolate and Selena is Carmel and Delora is Vanilla..." then she kinda pauses...smirks a little and I hear her quietly say, "And Mary, SHE'S JUST WHITE TRASH!!!"
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was like laughing SOOOOOOOOOO hard!!! And ALL the other girls are TOTALLY laughing...EXCEPT Jestina...she like did NOT like that fact that someone was calling her Vanilla Mamma TRASH...soooo i'm like No Jestina its okaaay....I don't care...MJ musta heard me and Theresa saying it about someone or something. So Jestina is like, "Oh well, what does it mean?" So I'm like trying to think of the best definition of "WHITE TRASH" so I'm like "WELLLL...It's a white person...that is just kinda GHETTO!!!" AND Jestina is like...."OH!!!" Then she smiles and says, "Well then YOU ARE WHITE TRASH!!!" AHAHAHAHAHA!!! It was REALLY funny!!!

 I can't deny that fact that I am a little ghetto...I've gone trash pickin a FEW times...IN HEELS...but HEEEEEEY I've gotten some CUTE THINGS!!! ;)))

So yeah...
its Chocolate, Carmel, Vanilla && the newest...