Saturday, July 17, 2010


Soooooo I got my second writing assignment back from writing instructor and I am totally laughing at something he said to me. He first wrote that he really like my story. However, he then went on to give me some good, constructive criticsm. He said that I need to be careful about making mistakes in my writing that will reveal that I am an amateur.

For example, for part of the assignment, we had to turn in a manuscript in the correct format that you would send it to a publication for review. So I turned in my story, The Little Messenger, well you would have to read the story to understand this line, but I say, "I have liked a million guys since that time." So he crosses it out and instead of million he puts, many. I just busted up laughing when I saw that! I told my sister, OBVIOUSLEY, he doesn't know me that well yet! Mary's like MANY GUYS?! NO REALLY, it's probabley been a literal million...NO EXAGERATION! HAHA!!!

I was joking around with my brother's one time and I was like, "I honestly think it is EASIER for me to name the guys I have NEVER liked, that to try and name ALL the guys that I have!!! My brother John was like, " yeah, if your a guy, and Mary has NEVER liked you, you have SERIOUSLEY got to be THE BIGGERST LOSER EVER! Cause, Mary likes EVERYONE!!!"