Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The results...

WHY guys don't want to catch the garter!!!
Basically, the guys are saying there SCAREDY CATS!!! LOL!
FIRST OF ALL... They don't want to touch that NASTY THING Thats the BIGGEST thing according to my three brothers...they said there is like NOOOO way they are touching it!!! BUT ACCORDING to the poll, the OVERALL reason is because they are SCARED about WHAT girl is going to CATCH THE BOUQUET!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
Thats cause YOU guys KNOW that I have NEVER ACTUALLY caught the bouquet...RIGHT!!!???
If you guys KNEW that Mar Bear was good at catching the bouquet, you guys would sooooooooo be running for it...I'm SURE!!! ;) ;) Hee, hee!

Well...I'm NOT gonna even do the garter thing at me wedding...I hav a waaaaaay better idea for what we're gonna throw...see I was thinkin since guys are scared of the garter, we could just like throw the groom...and..NO i'm J/K! J/K! BUT I do have a really GOOD idea! If you wanna know, START PRAYING!!! ;) ;) ;)