Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soooo do you think?!?!

Several months ago we were at Rawhide, the western cowboy town in Chandler. They were havin a deal on all the rides and activitites so me and my sis and some others from church went. Well there is this one thing for the kids to ride the burros. Well, you ONLY weigh 90 pounds to ride them and there is a scale there and EVERYTHING!!! So this one 10-year-old girl who is like soooooooo skinny from our church like REALLY wants to ride them, but she weighs a 100 pounds, so i'm like, okaaay what's ten pounds?! I mean you guys should see this girl! There is like NO way this burro could NOT hold her. So I'm like JUST ask the man, I'm sure he will let you. So she asks and he is like SOOOO serious! NO! you CANNOT ride it if your OVER 90 pounds! We cannot ALLOW this! Sooooooo i'm like, okaaaay really?! BURROS were made to like HAUL things, thats like their purpose in life. Sooooooooo I just can't resist, steppin up to the fence and have a sweet little convo with this , VERY-serious-about-his-job young man. So I kinda saunter over and real casual but serious like, am all, Hey! So like, do you think I would weigh to much then?! HE just LOOKS at me like SOOOO shocked. His mouth is like hanging open and he is like stutter, uh, uh, uh...LIke he just didn't know what to say. Cause he knew there was NO waaaay I weighed 90 pounds but he didn't ACTUALLY wanna say I weighed to much!!! HAHAHA! Sooo I let him stutter for a few more seconds, then I'm like, "JUST KIDDING!!!" He is like, "OH!!!" You could just see the relieved look on his face and Mr. Serious dude FINALLY cracked a big ol smile! I was laughing SOOO hard, it was PRETTY AWESOME!!! Just another one of those moments I just couldn't RESIST!!! ;)

(My burro! Hee, hee!;)