Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sooooo the other day one of my blog friends left me the AWESOMEST, SWEETEST, ENCOURAGINGEST, comment from a post back in November called blessed... I just loved it AND have to BLOG ABOUT IT part of the comment! LOL! ;)  Here is some of what she said...

Having talked your ear off already haha! I do have to say that your understanding is just so awesome! I cannot WAIT to see the man God sends you. If I can give a word of encouragement I wanna tell you a quick story about our youth pastor marrying the pastors daughter. She wanted to be married SO BAD since like forever. Kristy is drop dead gorgeous, she can sing like an angel, she is so sweet, and the girl can dress! Believe me Kristy could GET a man! :) But nearing 30 that man was no where to be found. Every man was just not right. Discouraged, a lot of people began to pray with her. Well there was a boy Jefferey Rowell who walked around with a picture of Kristy in his bible everyday because he had been in love with her since they were kids and didn't have the courage to tell her!!! Well you know how the story ends, he FINALLY came, swept her off her feet and they got married. Had their 1st child last August (baby nolan buster who is ADORABLE). They are like THE cutest couple ever! And the way he looks at her, its like he could kiss the ground she walks on! Not in an obsessive way but its just a match made in heaven :)So you see Mary, sometimes you just gotta pray for the RIGHT MAN to get the GUTS to tell YOU that YOU'RE THE RIGHT WOMAN!!

-signed, a little old married lady :)
After READING I was like AWWWWWW! First of all, I had NEVER heard that lil love story is REALLY sweet! AND, after reading what you said I was tellin my sister and she was like WELL, remember what your fortune cookie you got the other day? I was like OOOO yeah! (Your gonna LOVE this Kendra) It said, An admirer is to shy to greet you. I was like oooo! HAHA! (NOT that I put my trust in fortune cookies or anything!)
Soooooooo I just wanna say...YEAH!!! I'm praying for YOU BABY! Whoever, wherever you are!!! NO need to be scared of me, just come on out with it...the worst thing I would do is like laugh in your face..but it would be in a REALLY nice way! LOL! ;)
AND thanks little old married lady (that is WAAAAY younger than me;) I needed the encouraging words THAT DAY! God bless you for taking the time to be an encouragement! :) And I hope that this an encouragment to all my single friends!!! We just gotta learn to pray the RIGHT way!!! ;) Heee, heee!!!