Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Okaaaay you guys!!! This months Apostolic Male Model is TOTALLY up in the air!!! It's kinda cRaZy cuz I already have guys picked out for September, October and November, BUT Not this month...AND NO... I can NOT use one of those models for this month...just CAN'T!!! :) There is only ONE WEEK left and I have NOT figured out WHO?! WHO?! WHO!?

NOW is the time to NOMITATE a guy!!! I sent out a text message and nominees have been FLYING in on my phone! So here is the deal, tell me who you think should be the next Apostolic Male Model and the guy that gets the most nominated will be it AND the guys that are left I will save for FUTURE posts! So far 9 DIFFERENT guys have been picked! 2 have been nominated twice, one guy 3 times and another guy FOUR times!!! lol! Soooooo this is TOTAL record breaker time!

Send in your votes AND send in pictures of the guys too!!! Its kind of hard to do one of a guy when I don't have any pics of them! I KNOW you all are thinkin this is MARY, and that I should just have pics of EVERY guy on hand...HOWEVER, although my stalking skills are quite superb, THEY ARE NOT THAT GOOD!!! LOL!!! Oh and if you have a theme send me a theme with the guy as well!!! For example, Chris Harris was our first AMM (Apostolic Male Model) and his theme was Hot Chocolate! Castillo was THE ARSONIST----> Get it?! Good themes can be thought up by ones hobbies and careers! Oh and ONE MORE THING!!! The AAM is SUPPOSED TO BE SINGLE!!! Married nominees that have been cast OUT are Tim Brown, Andrew Foster and MY PASTOR!!! LOL!!!

And men...do NOT be scared to nominate one of your buddies...after all....THATS WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR!!! :) Oh and if you think someone would be offended or if they are like a really private person....Please do NOT nominate them!!! :) and you can do an ANONYMOUS nominee by leavin an anonymous comment on any of my posts---> U just click on Anonymous!! Send pics to maryfranceswriting@gmail.com