Monday, August 9, 2010


Several months ago, Bro. Jimmy preached a message at our church about miracles. At the end of his message he called up a lady in our church for us to all pray for a healing miracle in her life. As all of use woman gathered around her, the power God was moving and at some point I stopped praying for this woman and started praying for MY MIRACLE. There was something my life that I longed for so much, so deeply, I just couldn't stop the tears from falling. As I thought about my miracle, I just couldn't stop myself from leaving the woman we were all praying for and making my way up to the alter. I sat at the alter and sobbed and sobbed and miracle! My Miracle! MY MIRACLE!!! I felt such a desperation in my heart...

This right here is MY MIRACLE!!!

To see this same little 9-year-old girl praying back through to the Holy Ghost and surrendering her life to God...THATS MY MIRACLE! Thats all I could think about. She was the cause of my heart-wrenching cries. Later on in the service, Pastor said that while we were praying for miracles he wanted to called up everyone that needed a job to come up and get prayed for...I was FOR sure in need of a job at the moment but I had honestly forgotten about it. I went up, but it wasn't a desperation in my soul. It was like all the other things in my life that I think would be miracles were forgotten.

Gone were the thoughts of prince charming showing up at my door. Gone were the thoughts of becoming a well known published author. Gone were the thoughts of some day waking up skinny!!! In that moment all I could think about was the miracle of my girl. I remember the moments we shared when she was living with me...the she dressed, the way she talked...the way she lived for God. I can remember at the alter at Conqueror's Conference, as we hung on to each other sobbing...thats what I remembered. I realized that more than all those other things I desire so much in life, seeing this girl saved is what I really, really want, ABOVE ALL ELSE thats what I really want. If I had to choose between those other things, I would pick her soul...My Miracle!

For the first time, in a long time, she came to church tonight. On the outside, I know that all one could really see was a worldy girl, with jewelery, tight clothes, ripped jeans and funky hair...but ALL I could see was MY MIRACLE...a little girl that I love. It hasn't happened yet...BUT I'm WAITING!!!

But if we hope for that we see not,
then do we with patience wait for it.
(Romans 8:25)