Sunday, August 29, 2010


Do you ever pray for patience? You know, your in that situation, and you just DO NOT know what to do and you really want out of it! So what do you do? WELL... as you read a couple posts ago, quite often I find myself PRAYING FOR PATIENCE!!! I am NOT really sure WHY?!?! It just has ALWAYS seemed like the RIGHT thing to do!

Someone gave my mom some REALLY good advice the other day. She told them about a certain situation in her life, and she said that she was just prayin for PATIENCE for it. The person told her that she should be VERY careful about what she prays for, because if you ASK God for patience, thats what God is going to do and he might have to put in situation that causes you to NEED patience. They went on to say that a WISER choice would be to pray for WISdOM!!! When I heard that I was like...OH WOW!!! That is some GOOOOD advice. I have NEVER thought of that before. I NEED God's wisdom in my life on how to act, how to think and what to say!!!

AND to all MY single friends, maybe its time we stopped praying for patience, (Cuz i mean HELLLLLOOOO if we've waited THIS LONG for a man already, then OBIVIOUSLEY we got that part DOWN!!!;) NOT that we should start being IMPATIENT..BUT maybe Now we NEED to start praying for WISDOM from God. Wisdom on HOW TO GET A MAN!!! I mean as someone bluntly told me once [after my observing that some married woman REALLy don't know how to be submissive..(HAHAHA)]Someone said, "Maybe the married woman know something that you don't know EITHER, like, HOW TO even GET A MAN!!! WOW!!! I was like BURN baby...that just REALLY BURNED ME!!! BUT it's TRUE!!! I DON'T KNOW!!! OBVIOUSLEY!!! HAHAHA!

AND I have friends that give me advice ALL the time on things I should NEVER say or DO when in a relationship or trying to make a good impression. THEN I see them, turn around AND do those VERY THINGS!!! LOL Cause it's soooooo EASY to see the stupidity when its someone else, but our own eyes are blinded when we're in that situation!!! We NEED God to help us!!! WISDOM...Think about makes SOOOOO much sense. If we keep praying for patience, we just might be getting married in another 20 years!!! HAHA! You can laugh ALL you want...BUT...

(And this is for EVERY aspect of my life! With my family, my friends, witnessing, teaching, outreach, my writing, eating, what I wear, how I act, the things I say, prayer, in EVERYTHING I NEED God's wisdom)
" ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."
(Mathew 10:16)