Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foot doctor drama! LOL!

Soooo the other day I go to the foot doctor and when I got there it just hit me all of the sudden...A FOOT DOCTOR...that means this doctor is going to be looking at AND touch MY FEET!!! Ewwww! I'm like I don't want some man examining my nasty, nasty feet!!! But then I was like, OH WELL...its just gonna be some old gradpa dude...RIGHT?!?!

Soooooo I get called into the examining room and the nurse is talkin to me and she does exrayz on my feet and I get to sit in this really cool chair where they prop your feet up and you just feel like TOTAL royalty, which I mean, I usually feel like most of the time ANYWAYZ!!! ;) So the nurse is like, ok well the doctor will be in her in a few minutes and she leaves. So I just sit there kind of relaxin, waitin for Grandpa to come in and look at my feet...

I hear the door opening and I look up and walks one of THE MOST HANDSOMEST men I have EVER seen in my whole entire life!!! But instead of feeling that normal exhileration I feel for a handsome man, all I could think was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NO! NO! NO!!! There is NOOOOO way in the world I want some drop dead gorgous man examining MY FEET!!! And for the FIRST time in my life I was soooooooo HAPPY to see a wedding band on a handsome man's hand! i was just like, OH THANK GOD!!! (It just made me feel better knowing that he was married...idkY!;)

So he takes one look at my feet and he is like, your flat feet! I'm like, uh?! okaaay! He asks if my parent's have this and I'm like, uh not that I know of and he looks really surprised, like I guess it's something thats I'm thinkin like, OMW...maybe I'm REALLY ADOPTED?!?! LOL (I mean EVEN if my father and I look EXACTLEY alike...YOU NEVER KNOW! ahahahaha!)

Well, he tells me that my feet need to be casted and then they will take this mold that they make from the cast and make inserts to go in my shoes that match me feet exactley and that I will have to wear it in my shoes AND he doesn't want me wearin flip-flops very often, just like around the house and stuff and I'm sittin there thinkin like OMW...SO WHAT ABOUT HIGH HEELS?! But I didn't even bother asking! HAHA! So they are doing this cast thing on my feet and they are like wrapping this stuff around and they are like, I hope your not ticklish and I'm like...UH YEAH I AM!!! Like BIG TIME!!! and for some odd reason my right foot is MORE ticklish then my left...sooo yeah that was kinda embarassing...laughing hysterically while they do the casting...BUT I couldn't help it!!!!! AHAHA! At least they just thought it was funny!

So when its ALL done the doctor was like we'll send this in and it will take about two weeks to get back to us but once it does we will call you. So i'm like, OH ummm...we come October 1st my insurance won't be covering foot doctors anymore. So he is like, well we'll just keep seeing you until the problem the problem is taken care of ! So i'm like oh the insurance will cover it till then and he is like, Well, we just won't charge you. I was like, OH WOW!!! I mean seriousley, that was soooo nice of him! I mean, thats kind of a lot of money he won't be getting and most doctors would NOT just keep seeing me for free! AND like everyone I told about that was REALLY surprised!

Well later on i'm talking to my mom and I'm like, so yeah I guess I have flat feet and the doctor wanted to know if you are dad had it cause it guess its hereditary and I said no and he seemed surprised! And my was like, oh Grandpa had flat feet and he always had to wear the special inserts in his shoes too. ANd I was like thinking...oh okaaay so guess that means i'm NOT adopted then!! HAHA! Kinda cool and kinda NOT cool, that the trait skipped a whole generation but went to me...outta ALL my siblings and the 7 other Grand kids!!! Genes are just soooo WEIRD but sooo interesting at the same time!

Then I told my mom about how he said he would just keep on seeing me without charge until the problem was taken care of and she was like, WOW!! That was really nice of him! I was like, I know, and MOM, he was like HANDSOME TOO!!! And she is like, WELL I don't think he did it because he was handsome and I was like, WELL I DO MOM! LOL Because a man is NOT truley handsome UNLESS he IS NICE!!!

Seriousley, ITS TRUE!!! Even if I don't think a guy is handsome at first glance, if he is nice, considerate and kindhearted, in my eyes he becomes handsome!!! So keep being nice guys, I'm impressed!!! :)

Okaaaaaaaay so I have NO idea how this blog managed to end this way!!! LOL!