Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's SOOOO the purse!!!

Does THIS purse make me look FAT?!?!

I just found like the funniest thing on Charming Charlies Purse's blog!!! Its an article on

Selecting The Right Handbag For Your Height, Body Shape and Type
Here is some of what it says...
While most fashion rules have become more relaxed over time, there are still a few that are worth their proverbial weight in fashion gold. Case in point, the subject of this blog: selecting the right handbag for your body. The handbag you carry has a huge impact on your overall look, so selecting the right handbag for your body is worth a little extra investment in time and effort.
Flatter Your Figure
The right handbag can enhance your assets and down play the rest. It’s not magic, but selecting the right handbag for your body can be a quick fashion fixer upper! Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a bag that works for you; there are many affordable and stylish options to choose from.

The Trend Factor: One Size Does Not Fit All
Trends are fresh and fun and ever-changing! Not all trends can suit everyone. You need to keep your frame top of mind when selecting the right handbag for your body. This can be difficult, especially when a trend is particularly eye catching and irresistable. But while passing on the “it” bag of the moment might take a little restraint, selecting an equally cute bag that is the right handbag for your body can give you much more satisfaction. In addition, you can look for trendy “styling” and details that match your personality once you identify the right type of handbag for your body. Your handbag will always complement your ensemble if it is the right balance for your body frame, whether you switch your handbag out from season to season or week to week.

Handbag Shape: Opposites Attract
In general, women of all sizes should aim for choosing handbag shapes that are the opposite of their body types. So, if you are tall and thin, opt for a round, slouchy handbag. If you are petite and curvy, pick a long, sleek handbag.

To think...that ALL this time I could have been giving you all the allusion I was slim, simply by my purse...WOW! LOLOLOLOL!!! OMW!!! Just wait till you all see me at WCC!!! Im gonna have the LONGEST, THINNEST, SLEEKEST purse you have EVER seen! You all won't even reconize me and I'll just be like, NO it wasn't WEIGHT WATCHERS...It's MY NEW CHARMING CHARLIE PURSE!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! ;)

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