Monday, September 6, 2010


Heeeey  you guys!!!
I am SOOOO sorry if the blog posts are just totally AND completely LAME this week!!!! Its just soooo busy around here with my family and stuff. PLUS there have been these free cooking classes at the new Frys that I am absolutley DETERMINED to go to as many as possible...EVEN if it means WALKIN 45 minutes to get there!!! LOL! Which is TOTALLY what I will be doing tomorrow AND what I did on Saturday! They are SOOOO worth it though! The Chef is INCREDIBLE and I have learned sooooo much the last few days!!! Me and my mom went today and she was TOTALLY givin Chef Travis some tips after class!!! HAHAHA!!! He didn't seem to mind though, he was askin me where she was in the afternoon class! LOL! 

 AND OMW! I can NOT even believe that youth alive is THIS FRIDAY!!! I thought I was like in three weeks, Then Saturday night we're all sittin around talkin and was like now when exacltey is that and they were like, Friday, I"M like this friday? They are like yeah. I'm like you mean as in the Friday of this NEXT COMING WEEK?!??! They are like yeah! I'm like WHAT"?!?! I didn't even know!!! WOW!!! Thats soooooo cool!!! Sooooooo yeah!!! I can NOT wait to see you all Friday!!! LIke EVERYONE in the whole world practically is going!!! AND there are soooooo many people I am supposed to be meeting!!! Everyone bring your cameras and we can ALL take pics with each other!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!