Friday, October 22, 2010

Grand Announcement!!!

How many of you Classic Mary Moment readers out here enjoy listening to Audio dramas? I personally LOVE them! Anything from Anne of Green Gables or Father Gilbert mysteries to Hank The Cowdog "mysteries" and I am one happy chica!!! If you feel the same way about audio dramas, then I have got a website you all have just GOTTA check out!!!

Audio Theatre Central is a podcast that explores family friendly audio dramas. Specifially, Lamplighter Theatre, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre AND of course the one and only, [MY PERSONAL ALL TIME FAVORITE show] Adventures in Odyssey.

JD, Roy & Andrew are the host of the pod cast radio show and I must say that they work together as a GREAT TEAM!!! One minute, they have you laughing with their off the wall commentary and cOrNy jokes...THEN the next thing you know their preachin the word...ACTS 2:38...Right in the middle of it all...I just thought that was like THE COOLEST thing EVER!!! Plus, another cool thing about this crew is that they are soooooooo HONEST!!! Like, they ACTUALLY admit to crying over Radio Theatre Dramas. I mean I'm a girl, and I find myself crying, sometimes even sobbing cuz of the shows ALL THE TIME...but I mean like, these are MANLY MEN!!!! I was like WOW!!!

Already, after listening to their first podcast about Lamplighter theatre I felt like I HAD go find out about this new radio drama that I had NEVER before heard of. After listening to just one show I feel HOOKED!!! I have to listen to MORE!!! Thanks guys for helping find this new Radio Theatre series...You guys ROCK!!!!

But WAIT...ONE MORE thing that I just have to share with you all...STAY TUNED in for this coming Monday, October 25 to hear an exclusive interveiw with Nathan Hoobler from Adventures in Odyssey. I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to hear this podcast come Monday!!! Who knows what this crew managed to find out!!! Its kind of like, FINDING out, what EXACTLEY is the mystery meat product in Jack-in-the-box tacos?!?!? Maybe we'll ACTUALLY be able to find out WHAT EXACLTEY happened to Whit's voice in this last season of AIO series that Focus on the family produced?!?!?! Bahahaha! LOL! WHATEVER it is that we're going to find out I know its gonna be great, if only because Adventure's in Odyssey is!!!!

Remember it's THIS MONDAY!!!
October 25th and listen to it HERE!!!