Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anyone want a teddy bear???

Sooooo I LOVE teddy bears, especially cute, adorable, little ones like you see in this picture...EXCEPT for ONE thing... These bears I found on are ACTUALLY made out of belly button lint!!! Like WEIRD and NASTY is that???
And like WHO in the world has THAT MUCH belly button fuzz that they are ACTUALLY able to make it into teddy bears??? WOW!!!
I tried to tell myself that it might actually be kinda romantic if the bear was made from the belly button lint of the guy one liked...but still...NO WAY!!! EWWWWWWWW!!!
AND I just don't get it!!! Like, WHO IN THE WORLD, cleaned out their belly button and was like, OH WOW!!! I could make a lil teddy bear out of this!!! HAHA! Seriousley, you guys think I"M CRAZY...go talk to the BELLY BUTTON FUZZ people...THEY NEED HELP! Like, wow, someone NEEDS to get a life EVEN more than ME!! BAHAHAHAHA!
And yet, even as I sit here, writing about the stupid nastiness of this...There is ACTUALLY a little part of me that kinda like, REALLY WANTS ONE!!! I mean they come in the cute little jar so I wouldn't actually have to touch it...Awwww LOOK at HOW CUTE IT IS...maybe i should just buy one...OR...
i'll just MAKE me ONE!!!
Anyone wanna put in an order???