Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Ginty's have arrived!!!!

Weeeeeellll....we're here in Fresno!!! We made it safe and sound!!!! My family is all currently napping in their rooms...i'm of course out in the lobby...BLOGGING and drinkin some FREE coffee...of course!!!! LOL!!! Why nap when you can blog...right?!?!?! HAHAHAHA!!!  Yes, this is what I wore for the whole trip here and am currently still wearin as I write this to you...even with the CRAZY curlers...I just couldn't travel without the flower...haha!!! I saw some some interesting stuff on the drive over...I gotta say... I just LOVE stopping at those ghetto truck stops!!! They sell and you see the most INTERESTING stuff EVER!!! Thank God for the Flying J's and Loves!!!

yUP!!! This is EVERYTHING that I packed!!! Got ALL my clothes and accesories in ONE SMALL suitcase...brought my pink, fluffy poodle blanket and of course MY HUGE FLOWER PURSE!!! :)

We were about an hour into the trip when we got a FLAT!!! Me, T and MJ had just fallen to sleep when this happened!!! Where the Red Fern grows was blaring....Abe was driving and all of the sudden we hear this noise, my mom is like, YOu have a flat! You have a flat! Get over! Get over! T like wakes up and just starts shouting...theres a ditch! Watch out!!! Watch out...there is a ditch!!! And i'm like there isn't!!! LOL! It was pretty funny!!! Everyone was like FREAKIN out i'm just like sittin there like...OMW this means i'm gonna have to GET UP and stand on the side of the road while brothers change this tire!!! LOL! THEN we had to try and tell the rest of my fam where we were so they could turn around and find us and we thought this car pulling over was them and my was like OH the boys are here!!! And she rolls down the window and I see my brother John and I'm like thinkin...OH wow...John has a really NICE shirt on!!! It's like a police officer shirt or something..then i'm like...OMW it IS A POLICE OFFICER!!! hahaha!!!! This totally CUTE k9 officer was there...talkin to my mom and offering to help us...He was like SOOOO NICE!!!

wELL...aside from trying not to cry while listening to WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS, the whole trip and just accidentally walkin into the Men's bathroom before writing this post... thats about all my adventures thus far on the trip!!! Can't wait to see what the next few days hold!!! Hope to cya TONIGHT!!! :)