Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why is MY FAMILY the ONLY family I know that waits till 5 to eat?!?! We should start earlier so we can just eat all day!!! LOL!!!! I'm like STARVIN over here man!!! Well...NOT REALLY!!! I have to say NOT REALLY cuz if my brothers were reading this they would be SURE doesn't LOOK like YOUR STARVING!!! LOL! But I am hungry!!! I'm NOT gonna eat ANYTHING till dinner time...otherwise I won't be hungry at dinner time!!! Thank God for COFFEE!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!! Okaaaaaay I'm HYPER!!!! Thankful for my family, my church, my friends, for gooood, Godly fellowship, for ummmm....the ability to type...LOL...I just love how my fingers can just like fly across the key board almost as fast as can talk..but NOT quite that fast...HA...ummm I'm thankful for LAUGHTER!!! I LOVE TO LAUGH!!! AND I'm thankful for HYPERNESS!!! Hyperness is SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Which reminds me...I'm thankful for FUN!!! I LOVE HAVING FUN!!! AND I am thankful that God allows us to have FUN!!! Because havin fun is FUN!!! LOL! AND I hope everyone has a FUN day today!!! :) AND I'm Thankful for my blog, Facebook, twitter, email, text messaging, my cell phone, Instant message, the U.S. Postal, door bells, the radio... CUZ communication is FUN!!! LOL! Okaaaaaaay well I had like a total SERIOUS blog post planned for my thankfulness this year...but i'm just not feeling serious today!!! Oh well...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :)