Saturday, December 11, 2010

Minivan racing!!! (ONLY MY MOM!)

Soooo last night we're like out shoppin at Desert Ridge. We're driving through the BUSY parkin lot AND the next thing I know, MY 57-YEAR-OLD MOM, is racing in my sister's Sienna Toyota Minivan, some smart aleck punk in a 2010 camaro that tried to cut her off!! My sister is like FREAKIN out yellin at my mom to STOP and my mom is like TOTALLY ignoring her, acting all innocent like, what? What? I'm jus drivin...meanwhile, if ONE of US KIDS were racin, SHE would be like goin BESERK...sooo my sis keeps yellin like...MOM!!! SLOW DOWN!!! AND I'm just sittin there calmly with a combination of mixed thoughts like,  Go MOM! GO MOM! OMW! AND people THINK i'm soooo cRaZy?!?!?! AND OMW I have the coolest mom in THE WHOLE WORLD!!! I hope we don't get in an accident!!! Is this REALLY happenin?? Are we REALLy racin a Camaro...IN A MINIVAN?!?!?! AHAHAHA!!!

 just take a wiLd at GUESS WHO WON?!??!! ;) ;)