Monday, December 20, 2010

The other day we were having our youth Christmas party and we're like playing this game called Catch Phrase. And so basically we divide up into two teams, guys VS girls...OF COURSE...and what you have to do is pass around this disk and you click it and different words come up and when its your turn you have to describe the word without saying it and try and make your team guess what the word is. So someone gets it and to describe their word they are like, ''Something you do before taking a test!" Sooooooooo like ALL the college and highschool students yell out, "STUDY!!!" and at the the same EXACT time as them i'm yelling out, "PRAY!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The RIGHT answer was in fact STUDY!!! I'm like OMW thats right, You STUDY before a test,  I totally didn't even think of that!!! Bahaha!!!
Yeah, I know this is gonna come as a surprise to you all, BUT I wasn't exactley a STRAIGHT A student!!! I know, I know, you ALL are probabley VERY SHOCKED right now!!! BUT you know what they say???

Soooo I was just trying to keep PRAYER in school...thats ALL I was doing!!!! ;) ;)