Thursday, January 27, 2011

Apostolic Male Model of the year SHUTDOWN!!! Bahahaha!!!

Welll...Apostolic Male Model of the year 2010 is offically OVER two days early and there is NO winner!!! LOL! Sorrrry BUT there was either a MAGOR computer glitch OR someway, somehow, someone was TOTALLY cheating and deleting some of the guys votes!!! Two guys got over 100 votes each deleted, one guy got about 50 and another 30...soooooooooo I FIGURED...if thats gonna happen FORGET IT!!! HAHAHAHA!!! You cRaZy!!!! I do NOT know HOW in the world someone managed to do that!!! I HONESTLY will admit that I did TRY to give some of the guys extra points but I COULDN'T!!! And here someone figured out how to take them away!!! WOW!!! They've also been taking away from my little clicks under the posts...You know the reactions...FUNNY! YOUR CRAZY!!! Woohoo!!! WELLLL...someone has been taking THOSE away too!! Like they'll be really high then its down to like 3...I'm like WHAT??? Someone has to much time on their hands...EVEN more than me!!! HAHA! Maybe its the same person that was sending the hate mail?!?! LOL! OH WELL!!! AnywayZ...The winner would have been either Jose or Seth...Oh well...I felt bad about all the other guys losing anywayZ, cuz I think you are ALL AWESOME!!! After all...I DID pick you guys in the first place!!! ;)