Monday, January 3, 2011


"Get a job. A steady job. Keep your job. Don’t quit it because you found something you didn’t like about it. Have consistency in your life."
 (Bro. Ballestero)
I LOVE this quote for guys also by Bro. Ballestero. Its soooo true!!! You don't have have the best high paying job in the world or a college degree. You don't have to quit your job over silly things like there being TV's in the breakroom or Budda's for sale at the store!!! LOL Even if you have a job at fast food or a grocery store, if you stick with it, you will work your way up and eventually make your way into a management postition. I have seen guys do this just because they stuck it out at the not-so-fun job!!! To me consistency is one of the MOST IMPORTANT traits ever in a man!!! I ALWAYS look for it!!! ;)