Monday, January 31, 2011

EVERY TIME I have a yard sale EVERYONE man that stops HAS to ask me about my brother's Mustang that is sitting in my sister's carport. And they ask me ALL these questions about it and I'm just like I have NO CLUE!!! Well my brother is like MARY!!! The car is NOT for sale sooooo STOP giving people MY NUMBER!!! And then he is like UNLESS someone is willing to pay $10,000 for it, I'm NOT selling it!!! Sooooo after the MILLION people that asked me on Friday, I made this sign and taped it to my Brother's car for this past SATURDAY!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!


If your interested call JOHN @602-555-8581

I HAVE NO IDEA IF IT RUNS or ANYTHING about it at all whatsoever, except that EVERYONE is asking me about it AND that my brother got it for his graduation gift FIVE YEARS AGO and he is planning on restoring it and refuses to sell it for ANY less than $10,000 AND NO…I do NOT think he will go down!!! :)
P.S. Check out my blog
…it won’t help you get the car… BUT it’s a good read fun, uplifting, updated daily and will make you laugh!!! :]