Wednesday, January 5, 2011

GiveAWAY announcement!!!

HeeeeeeeeeeeeYYY girlZ!!! Do you like FREE STUFF!!! Do you like accessories?!?! Of COURSE YOU DO!!! Who doesn't!?!?! Well check out Classy Creations by Kristy!!! She has been giving out FREE STUFF all this week and will be for the rest of the week!!! To find out about her daily give aways go HERE!!! Her stuff is adorable AND affordable!!!!!!
P.S. guyZ you should try an win too!!! You can always save them for gifts for your mom, sister, neice, cousin, wife, girlfriend, date, pastor's wife OR, OR, OR ME!!! I LOVE accessories and this would be a GRRRREAT way to earn brownie points for becoming Apostolic Male Model or just me in general giving you a good report with the ladies...Dont forget that I KNOW almost EVERYONE!!! ;) ;) ;)