Tuesday, January 25, 2011

God is Good!!!

Late at night last week I got a phone call from a close friend. I listened as my friend told me that their father had died. My heart was soooo saddened to hear this news. I could hear my friend's voice begin to tremble as they began to express their sorrow. The brokeness in their heart as they told me that their father was not saved. "I'm never going to see my father again," they said. I listened as my friend continued to talk and then in the midst of everything they said, "But God is still good!" It really stirred me when my friend said that. Here my friend was, praising God in the middle of hopeless despair. In the middle of knowing that the would NEVER see their father again. My friend went on to quote some scripture to me and continued worshipping God. My friends words have continuousley been with me. "But God is still good!"
THATS WHAT I'M talking about!!! You know why my friend could say that in the midst of their heartache?! BECAUSE THEY HAVN'T FORGOTTEN!!! Because they STILL know what God has done for them. My friend still remembers back to several years ago when God filled them with the Holy Ghost. They remember the hopelesness they felt and how God brought them out of this world of sin. I think that sometimes in our humanity we get stuck in a rut about the goodness of God. We think that the goodness of God is based on our cirucumstances, but it is not. God is eternal and he was good BEFORE we that are finite were even created. His goodness is ALL THE TIME because  he is eternal.
It doesn't matter what your going through...If God saved your soul, and HE DID, from a burning hell than he is GOOD!!! Think about it, JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS!!! HE IS GOOD!!! HE IS GOOD!!! HE IS GOOD!!! The song says, "No  matter what tomorrow brings, or what it has in store, I know that I will praise The Lord!!!" It is my desire to be able to say in my life, no matter the circumstance, "God is STILL GOOD!!!" As my friend quoted to be from Job 1:21 ...

"...the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away;
blessed be the name of the LORD."