Friday, January 7, 2011


Jose is the first Apostolic Male Model who's campain manager has made him a poster!!! All Apostolic Male Models MAY get their own campain manager to help promote them!!! All posters WILL be posted on here if you email them to me at 

So far Seth is in the lead, then Jose, then Eric, then Romo, then John, then Stanley, then Danny, then Austin, then Joe, then Andrew and Chris & Sammy are tied!!! Heeeey if you want your man to win SEND OUT A MASS EMAIL with a link to this blog telling all your friends to vote for your man!!! Guys, YOU CAN TELL people to vote for you too AND you CAN VOTE for yourself!!! Remember, the prize is YOUR picture badged as Apostolic Male Model of the year 2010 posted on the side of this blog for a WHOLE YEAR!!!

It is NOT to late to turn this around!!! GirlZ, go from computer to computer voting for your man...hahahahaha!!! Thats WHAT I WOULD DO!!!  Some of the guys have been asking me, "MARY! Who in the world is voting for me?!?!" I'm like, ummmm...I HONESTLY have NO idea!!! Your either REALLY popular, or you have ONE girl that is a TOTAL stalker!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!