Thursday, January 6, 2011


Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooooooo whenever I meet a new person and they ask me my age I say...GUESS!!! And I am ALWAYS thrilled at how old they think I am, cuz its ALWAYS waaaaaaaay younger!!!

WEEEELLLL tonight at church...

... I had some new people guessing my age ...One girl said 20 one said 18 or 19 and one was like, FOR SURE, THAT I WAS...
drum roll please...

 Woooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Thats a whole whomping TEN YEARS younger than what I ACTUALLY am!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm 27 in case you were WONDERING!!!;) YES!!!!!! LOL! AND the oldest anyone thought I was, WAS 20!!! Oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh yeah!!! I don't get it though...cuz when I was 17, if I looked ten  years younger THEN, I woulda been lookin like I was ONLY 7!!! LOL! Wait, did I do that math right? 17-10 =7 YES!!! (Ummm I think!)  LOL! But actually, the weird thing is that back in the day, when I was actually YOUNGER, everyone thought that I was OLDER and NOW that I am OLDER, everyone thinks that I am YOUNGER!!! Sooooo weird!!!

 I remember being at Jr. camp and I was like 13, and this meant that I could either be a camper or staff and Bishop Abbott was like, Its your last chance, I think you should just go as a camper again! And I remember just thinkin...awwww man...People have like, been thinking that I was a COUNSELOR since I was like TEN...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NOW that i'm 27, people think I'm 17!!!!!!!!! NOT THAT I MIND!!![ "Thats WHAT I'm talkin about!!!" ;) (Bro. Ballestero)] SEVENTEEN!!! I said SEVENTEEN!!! WoooooooHooooooo!!!