Friday, February 18, 2011


WITH A LIL NEWBORN BABY!!! I was at the courthouse today with my sister for stuff about MJ's adoption...well...I was BORED while waiting soooo I got up went for a walk, got a drink, etc...and when I came back I saw a new Mommy holding a lil baby in her arms and I like FLEW back to my seat!!! I was like I have GOT TO TALK TO THIS LADY...Soooo i started out the convo with AWWWW she is sooooooo CUTE!!! (She LOOKED alot like this baby right here!!!)

ANd soooo we start chattin and I'm just like, MAN I HAVE GOTTA tell the lady that I watch kids....LOLOLOL!!! And I could hear my sister's case work was like, WOW!!! Your sister really doesn't waste any time making friends!!! (And I'm all thinkin, NO I DON"T!!! Especially when it comes to MY PEOPLE and BABIES!!!) Sooo anywayZ, I finally got around askin her if she had someone to watch her baby and she said that she had found someone that was a pretty decent price and inside I was thinkin AWWW MAN...but then I was like THINKIN...WELLL...I BET I'm CHEAPER!!! LOL!!! Sooo i'm like welll if you ever need someone just let me know...I charge 300 a month...she was like, OH...thats REALLY GOOD! I'm like YEAH...and in my head i'm thinkin...sista  your baby is soooooo CUTE I would watch her for FREE...LOL...SERIOUSLEY I WOULD!!! I mean...heeeey I woulda adopted THAT BABY ON THE SPOT if I coulda!!! Awwwww...she was soooooo CUTE and soooo LITTLE!!! I just wanted to hold her soooooooo BAD!!! Well ANYWAYZ, sista chick got my number and said she would be callin...SO PRAY FOLKS ...PRAY!!!