Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kim cookin?!?! LOLOLOL!!!

So the other night before church Kim comes home with some groceries and is like, "i'm making dinner." So i'm like oh what are you makin? And she is like, Hamburger Helper. So i'm like thinkin in my mind...Ooooo YIKES!!! Cuz i've NEVER eaten that kind of food before!!! and I mean, when your ITALIAN and someone tells you their makin lasanga from a box...its KINDA SCARY!!! LOL!!!  

AND THEN...I got REALLY SCARED.. cuz while she was cookin, her son Cesar had the empty Hamburger Helper box and he was dancing around the kitchen with it screaming, "Heartburn! Heartburn! Heartburn! HEARTBURN!" AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm like KIM!!! Do you hear what your son is saying?!?!?! So she listens and then is like SCREAMING...CEEEESAR!!!! I was just lauging and laughing and laughing!!!! And he was just dancing away...Heartburn! Heartburn! Heartburn! Heartburn! BAHAHAHAHA!!!

 (It was ACTUALLY really good...LOL! Kim is aparentley the Hamburger Helper EXPERT!!!)