Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LPC Valentine Banquet 2011!!!

Here are some of us girls afterwards...

The Gintys & The Karlsons

Janellie-bean and baby girl Karlson...AWWWW!!!!


 Awww their first banquet together...they have the SAME birthday exactley ONE year apart!!!

Oooooo watch out Jimmy...he is lookin at your girl!!!

Soooo I volunteered for this game....you had to see who could unwrap the most peppermints and put them in your mouth and the wrapper in a cup...WITH the oven mitts on...I WON!!! LOL I kinda enjoy winning in case you couldn't tell...HAHA!!!
Then Jimmy was like okaaaaaay who thinks they can beat MARY?! And Jac took up the challenge AND pastor says, BUT thats not fair, SHE HAS A BIGGER MOUTH!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! BUT I'm not sure if he was talkin about ME OR JAC?!?! Hmmmmmm.....

AND she didn't beat me!!! LOL! OH YEAH!!!

THEN EVERYONE like ran outside to see the Javelina's going through the trash...there was a WHOLE pack, even a lil baby one...it was sooooooo CUTE!!! Then the guys all told me to scream just to scare everyone...SO I DID!!! :)


Jac cleaning the chandelier for the anniversary services!!!


I REALLY need to get my eyebrows done...my brother infromed me with this pic!!!

Abie and his date!!!

My date!!! :)

ONE LAST picture for all you ladies...
ENJOY!!! :)