Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thank God!!!

I just wanna give God thanks for one of the latest happenings in my life!!! As most EVERYONE knows, I LOVE HAIR ACCESSORIES!!!! The way some girls LOVE shoes or purses...I LOVE HAIR ACCESSORIES!!! And like EVERYONE knows that...even the girls at Frys by my house wait to see what hair accessory I am going to have in my hair...LOL...yeah I go to FRYS THAT OFTEN!!! (We have the COOLEST Frys EVER!!!) Anywayz, God knows just how much I love accessories...BUT... I haven't been buying them cuz I am TRYING to be wise with my finances!!! ( Soooo I have been being REALLY good about this NOT buying (EVEN ASK MY WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, DROP DEAD GORGOUS, PASTOR'S WIFE!!!) Well, at the beginning of this year I worked it out with two hair accessory vendors, to barter for an ad on my blog in exchange for one hair accessory a month!!! I mean HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!

WEEEEELLLLL it gets EVEN better BECAUSE, on Thursday of this past week, Kristy Cooper, from Classy Creations By Kristy, called me AND I'm gonna be assisting her with her newest online project and in excchange, she will be supplying me monthly with an ENDLESS suppy of HAIR ACCESSORIES!!! And i'm like SUPER, SUPER, SUPER EXCITED!!! Talk about DOUBLE, SPECTACULAR AWESOME!!! :)
Here is the flower from my FIRST batch called...
 Rainbow, love, LOVE IT!!!

I REALLY am soooo thankful to God for this!!! I really feel like he blessed me cuz I was trying to do the right thing...Cuz I really do want to be a good steward of my finances, my time AND my talents...SOOOOO...THANK YOU JESUS FOR GIVING ME HAIR ACCESSORIES!!!!
P.S. Ummmm remember about the whole husband thing TOO right?!?!?! ;)