Tuesday, March 22, 2011


*SNAP!!! "I just got a picture of that weirdo over there...look at them... Billy Bob is gonna laugh SOOOOO hard when they see it!!! He LOVES this kind of stuff!!!"

Somthing that REALLY brings conviction to my heart is when a picture is taken of a person in the world or even in church, that is just taken to laugh at them. I've seen people post on blogs or facebook pictures of old homeless bums, or midgets or toothless old ladies, or people that are just less fortunate and everyone just laughs and leaves comments...
AND even though it may really be a funny lookin picture, I can't help but think that we should be careful about doing that. Okaaaay ACTUALLY...It drives me cRaZy when people just sneer and laugh...make fun...And people say, Oh you just don't have a sense of humor...Okaaaay this is MARY GINTY we're talkin about...I find GREAT joy in makin people laugh...I just don't like tearin down and makin fun!!!

You do realize that EVERY homeless street person you see...EVERY MESSED up person, is A REAL PERSON!!! They have a family, a mom that gave birth to them, they have hopes, they have dreams, they have a mind, they have a heart, MOST importantly they have a SOUL!!! A soul that will spend eternity somewhere!!! A soul that Jesus died for!!! Jesus died for EVERY PERSON!!!

This is my friend Kim!!!
She USED TO BE a homeless street person, sleeping under bridges...for ten years she wandered around aimlessly, BUT look what THE LORD HAS DONE!!  Next time your tempted to get a picture of someone to laugh at...TRY getting a picture of that bum getting the Holy Ghost!!! Get a picture of that bum rejoicing in the Lord! Get a picture of that bum weeping in an alter of repentence!!! Get a picture of that bum teaching Sunday School!!!
You wanna get a picture???
Get a picture of the blood of Jesus transforming a homeless street person's life!!!