Saturday, March 12, 2011

Go ahead Ladies...


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well, I might as well start off by telling you all about THE END of my trip!!! Sooooooooo me and my friend Keri Garrett had decided that I should try and get AS many pics as possible with cute cops while I was in NY...I mean, i'm SINGLE so might as well..RIGHT?!?! LOL!!! Wellll...It really wasn't workin out!!! My sister's camera died before I even got close to any cops and PLUS my sis basically said she would have NOTHING to do with the happenings of this CUTE COP PROJECT!!! Sooooooooooo I talked to Keri like two days before I was going home and she was like sooooooooo did you get any pics with cute cops yet?! AND I"M LIKE NO!!! I can't believe it!!! Soooooooooo she says that BEFORE the trip is over, I HAVE TO GET AT LEAST ONE PICTURE WITH ONE!!!! Sooooooooo the last day comes and i'm at the airport headin home and i STILL did NOT have a picture with one!!! I WAS LIKE OMW!!! I TOTALLY FAILED!!! As we are walking to check in our luggage I see before my eyes like THE HOTTEST NYPD EVER!!!!

I get my brother John's attention and he just GRINS at me...and I'm all PULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE take a picture of me with him...and he is like, I will but not right now...cuz like it was TOTAL chaos with my family and ALL OUR LUGGAGE!!! HAHA! So then John points to a cop across the way and is like, heeey what about him, and I look over to see this really chubby cop...and I'm like HEEEEY him tooo...cuz he is like still REALLY CUTE!!!  Soooooooooooooo...then Chubby and (welll...Kim named the Hot Cop Stud) Soooo Chubby and Stud walk off together and my fam and I check in our luggage and I totally forget about them BECAUSE then we have to through security which is even MORE DRAMA with my family...I forgot to put my hair products in my suitcase instead of my backpack and have to throw out all this hairspray and body spray and stuff AND then my mom like talks security into lettin her keep her Sugar free jam she bough in Amish country...blah, blah, EVERYONE in my family gets check out for SOMETHING...hahaahh...

WE FINALLY GET THROUGH and are walkin to our gate...and my brother John points with his chin towards something...I LOOK over and OMW...Its Chubby and Stud just standing there like lookin TOTALLY bored!!! Soooooooooooooo I'm like OH JOHN will you PUHLEEEEEEZE take a picture of me with them and of course he agrees...

Well Chubby was like busy on his cell phone like textin or I ask Stud if I can get my picture with them and he agrees and he is like tellin Chubby...She wants a picture and he is just llike Ok and keeps textin and like Stud is like Welll...LIKE STOP TEXTIN...and finally Chubby turns around and he is like, "Want me to take the picture?" Then he sees my brother with the camera and he is like, OH, you want ME in the picture?" Like he is ALL surprised and i'm like, "YEAH!!!" LOL! I think he is used to all THE GIRLS just wantin pics with Stud...but HEEEEEy i'm NOT like that!!! I Like CHUBBY GUYS TOO!!! ;) Soooo look at me and him look kind closer together...hahaha...we would look good together!!!

OOOO and MY MOM even helped me get the pic...she's all like tellin them...its just like really meaninful to us because my father was in the New York Police force for over 20 years!! I'm like many of you girls out there have a mom that would ACTUALLY help you get a pic with a cute cop?!?!?! My mom ROCKS!!!

I LOVE my sister's version of the story. She was walkin a head of us and she says she walked by and thought, that cop is HOT! She looked back one more time and sees my mom talkin to him and thinks, "I'm gettin out of here!" She looks back a second later and i'm standin between the two of them... and just takes off to our gate....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

See my BIG cheesy grin?!?! I don't even care about how dorky I look!!! I mean i'm wearing a baseball cap that says, "My Mamma says I'm Special" AND I have NY Pizza grease on my t-shirt...BUT i'm soooo happy cuz i'm standin betweed two HANDSOME NEW YORK POLICE!!!

P.s. I have a song I wrote when I was 16 about a hot cop if anyone ever wants to hear it...I would LOVE to share just have to make sure I'm REALLY hyper first!!! :)