Saturday, March 5, 2011

*LOVE* in NYC!!!

FORGET falling in Love with the NYPD!!!
TONIGHT I fell in love with an African man from Senagal selling ILLEGAL Coach purses!!! *SIGH ♥♥ (Funny thing is that he was HIDIN from the NYPD HAHA!!!:) Tall, dark and handsome!!! (His name was like Mammoud...which you all wouldn't understand BUT thats the same name as one my favorite African boys from Sunday SChool sooo yeah...I think it was a SIGN!!!;) I EVEN got my picture taken with him...all his buddies were givin him the thumbs up...LOL...BUT my sis's phone didn't save it...NOW I feel like Cinderella when the clock struck midnight and she lost her glass slipper!!! the memory is FOREVER engraved into my mind...
or at LEAST until this FAKE COACH falls apart!!! :)