Monday, March 14, 2011


Sooooooooooo I pretty much hate the snow...BUT...there is something about lil snowflakes fallin on me!!! If you look at them closely before they melt you can REALLY see the intricate designs they have...and they truely are BEAUTIFUL!!! Soooooo when we were driving back to the city from upstate New York it started snowin in just a little and they were like fallin on me and I was like totally getting ALL excited!!!

I was like SHREIKING and I was like,
"OMW!!! SNOWFLAKES!!! They are like soooooo CUTE!" And this man was walkin by and he just looks at me like i'm sooooooo WEIRD!!! AND I just look at him and i'm like, I'M FROM ARIZONA!!!! HAHAHA!!! And he just looks at me like, OH THAT EXPLAINS!!! Yup, it SURE DOES!!! :)