Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Heeeeeey everyone!!! My blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION...I'll tell you ALL about it BUT what do you all think so far????? Any Ideas??? Anything that you're just dying for me to add??? Well there are a LOT of changes and I'm still trying to figure stuff out and i'm moving stuff all around sooo if you can't find something its probably been moved or i'm looking for a new spot for it!!! Let me know...

BUT I wanna say a SPECIAL thanks to ERIN SLAY, whom I have NEVER EVEN MET, for sweetly offering to for design a NEW  blog header for me!!! She did and AMAZING job!!! Its beautiful and adorable and totallly ME!!!!!! Thank you Erin for being SOOOOOO AWESOME!!! Go check out Erin's AWESOMENESS HERE!!!

I also want to give ANOTHER HUGE THANK YOU to my sister-in-law Jewel for helping with all the PROFESSIONAL effects on here!!! I am CLUELESS with all that kind of stuff but she has made everthing look sooooooo PROFESSIONAL and EFFICIENT!!! And if you need any pictures JEWEL is the one to take them for you GINTYIMAGES.COM

Anything else you want to see??? Any ideas??? Let me know...this blog is FOR YOU ALL!!! :)