Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bible College!!!

Spring 2011 SEMESTER IS OVER!!! :(
I can't believe how fast it flew by!!! It was such an AWESOME semester!!! BUT I'm gonna miss seeing EVERYONE and hangin out an CHILLIN...Oooo and classes...OF COURSE!!! LOL! Seriousley, they were AWESOME!!! I took Bro. Garrett's class on prayer and evangelism...it was INCREDIBLE!!! I just wish it wasn't over!!! Had a GOOD time with my fellow classmates....AND we met our new friend HATER...LOL...good times...GOOD TIMES!!!
 Here are some of us girls hangin out ofter class, all ready to go out till Jac gets called into work...SOB!!! (We'll have to do Culvers ANOTHER time!!!) Jac, Megan, Mary, Mary, Monsi, and CHELSIE!!! :)

Ooooo and this is REALLY funny!!! Tonight Brett Myers comes running over to me with this paper and says, "Here Mary!!! This is for YOU!!!" I thought it was a coloring and I was like Awwwwww...and i'm all opening it up AND this is what it says...
Bahahahaha!! I was like Do YOU KNOW WHAT THIS says?!?! And he just smiles and RUNS OFF!!! LOL!!!
 BUT I guess he likes HYPOCRITES!!!LOL
Soooooooo sweeeet!!!

AnywayZ if you guys aren't already involved in Bible College YOU NEED TOO!!!
ITS AWESOME!!! Can't wait till it starts again in SEPTEMBER!!!
Tomorrow I'll ACTUALLY do a post for you all on some of the AWESOME stuff that I learned in class this semester!!!