Monday, April 25, 2011

My Easter hat!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay so I have like SERIOUSLEY been wanting an Easter have for like EVER!!! (Well like two months) SOOOO Like last Monday, my sis and I were going for Easter outfits and I'm like tellin her that I really, really, REALLY want an Easter hat...and she is just kinda like okaaaaaaaay...but we find one at the Icing and I try it on AND I know that with the right outfit and hairdo it will totally rock!!!

So I show my sis and she is like, well right now, with the way your hair is its lookin pretty SPECIAL, but I know with the right hair do it will look good...then she is like, BUT you know that our brothers are TOTALLY gonna be makin fun of you...I'm like I KNOW!!! AND I'm all thinkin about the boys makin fun of me and I'm like...yeah there just gonna totally ANNOY me...So I put it back and we leave!!!

And as we're walkin away I am tellin my sis, yeah I would get it BUT its just that I KNOW they'll all be sayin stuff and nobody else wears hats to church and I don't wanna look riduclous and I don't wanna...then I just pause and I'm like to my sis, BUT SINCE WHEN, HAVE I EVER CARED WHAT ANYONE THINKS??? My sis was like, yeah, thats what I was kinda thinkin about you anyways!!!

Soooo I marched right back into that store
and bought ...MY EASTER HAT!!!!

The old men in my church liked the hat too!!! One of them said that woman just don't wear hats to church anymore and they just think they are so nice AND he said that I looked like I had just stepped outta black church cuz those woman go ALL OUT with their outfits!!! I was like, OH THANK YOU!!! ( I took that as a VERY HIGH COMPLIMENT!!!) One of my brothers EVEN told me that I looked good! I was like are you being sarcastic??? He was like, NO, i'm serious...and that made all the guys laugh cuz I just assumed that he was being sarcastic...LOL! I was like OH THANK YOU!!! But I mean, it WAS a pretty cute outfit...right down to the shoes

$16.00 for the shoes at Payless
$24.00 for the hat from The Icing
The blouse and skirt...FREE from my sisters closet!!! :)))

Now I suppose I should say something spiritual soooo people don't start sending me comments about being conceited and full of myself etc...soooooo I'll just end this post with this humble little statement...

To God be ALL THE GLORY...
 for helping me look SOOOOO CUTE!!! ;)