Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Just got my taxes turned in!!! Aparently I wasn't the ONLY IDIOT that just remembered...the line at Vanburen was LONG...some idiots EVEN forgot stamps...HAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaaaaay let me explain myself!!! I like didn't even know until TWO days ago that I had to do taxes!!!

So like the other day my mom tells me, OH Joe is gonna do your taxes for you! I was like, HUH??? Taxes???? FOR WHAT??? My mom is like, uh YOUR JOB!!! I'm like OMW, like, I'm ACTUALLY getting paid LEGALLY for once...like WOW!!!

Sooo today my brother does all my taxes, he emails me all the info, tells me what to print and then he says MAKE SURE YOU GET IT MAILED BY FIVE!!! So i'm like..OF COURSE!!! Well i'm lookin through all the papers I printed and have KNOW IDEA what i'm supposed to be mailin in. So I CALL MY MOMMY and tell her that she has to come over and help me like ASAP cuz we gotta mail it!!!

Soooo she comes over puts all the right papers in the envelopes, tells me WHERE to sign...LOL...then writes out the addresses on the envelopes, puts in the papers, seals them, stamps them, and I"M ALL SET!!! We are leaving and my mom is like, OK Mary, You have GOT TO get this in THE MAILBOX BY 5!!! I'm like, YES!!! That is where we are heading like RIGHT NOW!!!

Welll I don't know WHAT happened, because from the time we got in the car, me and my sis started talking about Easter outfits and next thing I know we're SHOPPIN...and OMW I got the cutest outfit EVER!!! (I'm wearin a hat people!!! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED AN EASTER HAT) and yeah I come home and i'm like modeling it for my sis, then I wake up Kim to model my outfit for her, THEN I give my neice a bath, then I think, Oh I should go check my email AND when I check my email...I see up on the screen MY TAX INFO...I'm thinkin oh I don't need this anymore, i'll just delete it cuz I already mailed my ...OMW...WE NEVER MAILED MY TAXES!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

Next thing I know, me and my sis are haulin ourselves across town to VANBUREN...the only Post Office open in Phx...we had till 11:59 and MAN...was it busy over there...fire flairs and EVERYTHING direction traffic at 11:00 PM!!! HAHAHA!!! But I got them turned in...I watched them put that stamp thingy on it...I'll be gettin my $108.00!!! (I'M RICH!!!) Plus i'll be lookin SOOOO cute on EASTER...what more could a girl ask for...HOLLA!!! ;))))