Monday, April 11, 2011

Things I LOVE to smell!

1. Rain

Just something about the smell of rain, like the whole world just took a shower!!!

2. Freshy mowed grass

Mowed grass, IDK but its refreshing!!!

3. Orange blossoms

We have an orange tree out front and I ABSOLUTLEY love going outside at this time of the year and just takin in the beautiful scent of the flowers. Our whole neighborhood has orange trees so its really nice going out for a walk and enjoyin the continuous smell.


OMW!!! I LOVE the smell of chocolate!!! SERIOUSLEY, this one should be at the TOP of the list!!! I could NEVER tire of the smell!!!! Chocolate is sooooo one of my biggest temptations!!!Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

5. Pinesol

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay I know this one is sounding REALLY weird BUT ... I LOVE the smell of pinesol!!! It just smells soooooo CLEAN!!! Me and some of the girls at my church SERIOUSLEY think this scent should be made into a perfume!!! We would soooooooo BUY IT!!! LOL!!!

6. Bbq on the grill

All I can say is MMMMM...intoxicating!!!

7. Coffee brewing

Ooooo yeah!!! Nothing says good morning like fresh coffee brewing!!!

8. Pasta sauce simmering

Growing up raised by an Italian Momma, nothing smells more like HOME than a big O pot of sauce simmering ALL day long on the stove!!!!

9. Chrome Cologne

Okaaaay sooooo me and one of my friends, ( I won't mention any names, cuz your most likely to meet her and she would kill me for saying her name, BUT...) we think that Chrome Cologne is literally the smell of a handsome man in a bottle!!! LOL! I found a bottle for .50 at a yard sale and sometimes we just pull it out and smell!!! Its SOOO NICE!!! We even had my friends dad smell it and he just kinda looked at us strangely...LOL...Really though...I think any guy wearin Chrome automatically goes up a couple notches in looks no matter WHAT he looks like!!!

10. FRESH roses
(NOT the store bought kind)

Fresh homegrown roses have one of the most prettiest smells in the world...I personally think of pure, true beauty when I smell fresh roses.

Well these are a few of my favorite smells!!
How about YOU???

I tag...

Do a blog post with your favorite smells and make sure you say that you were tagged by ME and tag ME when you say it!!! :)))