Saturday, April 2, 2011


Ok so I've only been tricked ONE time on April Fools day!!! It was the meanest and FUNNIEST joke ever soooo I'll share it with you all.

It was the last time April Fools day was on a Sunday!!! I walk into church all dooted up. My oldest brother looks at me and says, "LOOKIN Good Mary!!!" I was like SHOCKED!!! I mean you just HAVE to know my brother Joe, a compliment like that was NOT something I hear VERY OFTEN!!! So I was like OMW!!!

So my heart is just filled with SOOOO much gratitude. I look at my brother and sweetly say, "THANK YOU JOE!!!" He just smiles OOOOOOOOOO soooooo SWEEETLY back and says...

(Talk about my bubble being burst!!! LOL)
AnywayZ thats the ONLY time i've ever been tricked!!!
 I gotta admit it was PRETTY GOOD!!! :)
Sooooooooo how about you guys???
1.Did you play any tricks yesturday???
2.Did anyone get FOOLED?
3.Whats the BEST April Fools joke you have ever played