Friday, May 27, 2011

Blacker than you!

So I went to visit the African girlZ tonight at Paradise Shadows and I was talkin to two of the girls and they were tellin me about this cRaZy lady that was livin there that got put into cRaZy camp. (Which I'm thinkin is a mental hospital) So they are like, you know what lady we are talkin about? she is really, really super tall and really dark. So i'm like, oh is she black? So Esther is just like, yeah she is & the other girl Miriam just like stops and looks at me..."Is she black??? IS SHE BLACK??? What kind of a question is that??? Of course she's black Mary!!! She live here what color do you think she is???" So i'm like well you just said dark and their are some dark people here that aren't black. She is like "NO she is like SUDANESE African Mary!!! Thats really BLACK!!! She is soooo BLACK Mary...Like she is BLACKER than you, YO!!!" I'm like, OH WOW...thats pretty black then...HAHA!!! I LOVE IT!!!  "Blacker than you!" Totally made my evening!!! :)