Friday, May 6, 2011

Kim LOGIC!!!

Soooo the other day Kim and I were out IN PUBLIC with her son and a little boy that I take care of. ANd the boys were soooo HYPER and they were like gettin into like EVERYTHING!!! And Cesar kept like touching this guys chair and I could tell he was like getting TOTALLY annoyed and that just in general we were driving EVERYONE cRaZy!!! LOL!!!

Sooo i'm like, KIM!!! I think we are like ANNOYING everyone with these kids!!! And Kim is all like...SOOOOO who cares? The way I see it we're just doing all these people a favor!!! I'm like a FAVOR??? How is that?

She says cuz we're like FREE birth control for all these people!!! I'm like, WHAT?!?!?! BIRTH CONTROL!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD??? She's like yeah, all these people SEE US with kids and they'll NEVER want to have kids of their own!!! HAHAHA!!! I LOVE her logic!!! Nice Kim!!! NICE!!!!

Soooo yup, thats ME && KIM!!!
Doing the whole world a favor!!! :)))