Monday, May 9, 2011

Proud Auntie Moment!!!

I just want to share with you all HOW INCREDIBLEY SMART && SPIRITUAL my lil nephew is!!!
These are the words of his mom, EXACTLEY how it happened!!! "So I got Jose magnetic letters today, he put G-O up on the fridge and then he put the letter D! So he is actually spelling GOD not d-o-g :) "
SEE NOW!!! Isn't that what you call SMART AND SPIRITUAL!?!?! I AM SOOOO PROUD of him!!!! He can also say Good God & Bible!!! Anyone got a prayer request??? I can let him know!!!
Now, now, DON'T BE JEALOUS if your nephew isn't as smart as mine!!! Not everyone can spell God at only 18 months old soooo don't be a HATER!!! I'm sure Jose would LOVE to teach your nephew how!!! :)))