Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Desert Ridge BUG ALERT!!!

Sooo tonight we're just chillin at Desert Ridge under the stars, MJ is playin in the water and we are havin such a nice time!!! Everything is like calm and peaceful and just relaxin and all of the sudden we see that there are roaches coming out of where the trees are planted and we're like EWWWWWW!!! So we move away and I see more roaches OVER THERE!!! SOOOO the we move over by Coldstone... and we're all sitting there and MJ forgets her doll and is scared to go get it cuz there is roaches over there. So she finally goes and gets in and the whole time she away I keep hearing this buzzin but I figure its just a fly cuz its night time and its to late.

 Well when MJ comes back with her doll I try to scare her and am all LOOK A BUG!!! And she just glares at me and says to stop...Then all of the sudden I hear the buzzin again and its like RIGHT ON ME and I like totally FREAK OUT!!! I get up and practically knock over my chair && the WHOLE table screaming and everyone thinks i[m just doin it to scare MJ, but its for realz...LOL...There was a BEE following me!!! Then my sis sees another roach runnin across the sidewalk we're just like OKAAAAY we're outta here!!!

BUT OMW!!! Seriousley, what was a bee doing out at 10pm!!!  Isn't that like waaaaaaaay past its bedtime???  Like WHAT IN THE WORLD!?!?!I guess its just cuz i'm soooo SWEET!!! HAHA!!! ;)