Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family prayer moments!!!

Sooo tonight we did our 3rd evening of family prayer together and its gettin better BUT we had ANOTHER HILARIOUS MOMENT tonight!!!

So its my sis's turn to give her prayer requests and she says them and at the end she is like, Oh and I guess you guys can pray for husband for me TOO!!! (Like Oh yeah I'll get fries with that too...HAHA!!!) So we are prayin and then when we get to the husband part I am like, "God send my sister a HOT husband!!!"

And she like totally interupts my prayer and is all like, ACTUALLY, I don't really care about looks that much...I would rather..." (And in MY MIND I am thinkin that she is gonna say, I would rather he is just a really nice person that will be a good dad to Mary Jo... I'm like thinkin AWWWW how sweet!!! )

She is like, "ACTUALLY...I would RATHER him just be sittin on a
I LOVE MY SIS and I LOVE our family prayer meetings!!!