Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Party LAUGHS!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay so I just wanted to say that I had like THE FUNNNNNEST birthday party EVERRRR!!! It was seriousley such a blast!!! SOOOOOOO we had a few funny moments that I want to share!!!!

Sooooo JACQUI got me like THE Best birthday card soooo far EVERRRR!! It says Cake is just more fun on your birthday...THEN the inside said...ESPECIALLLLY if its Tall, Dark, AND CHOCOLATE!!!! (Can I get a WOOT, WOOT???;) WHEN I read that, I screamed SOOOOO LOUD!!!! And we laughed and laughed and laughed...OBVIOUSLEY somebody KNOWS ME pretty well!!!

FuNNNy moment of the day!!! Sooo I break out the tannin oil and yell out to all the girls HEEEEEEY...Who wants to look like a Mexican???(Thinkin about YOU HATER) All the girls just stare at me... and then CESAR is like, ME!!! ME!!! ME!!! LOL! We all died laughin cuz his ultimate dream in life is to be a REAL Mexican!!! So then a few minutes later...

Monsi gets the tannin oil and is puttin on and I'm like OH soooo you wanna look like a Mexican??? And she is like NOOOO...I'm already Mexican...I'm gonna try and get CHOCOLATE so YOU'LL LOVE ME MORE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!