Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Decisions! Decisions! DECISIONS!!! Sometimes in life, it seems like all there is to do is make DECISIONS!!! ESPECIALLY as a single person...there are some pretty big decisions to make!!!
For example the other day I saw like the HANDSOMEST dude like EVERRRR!!! Like OMW I couldn't even breath kind of handsome!!! So at this moment and time in my life i had like a HUGE decision to make!!! Now you all are probabley thinkin that my decision was weather or not I should say hi to him or NOT??? Well let me clarify to you ALL that that was NOT actually a decision for me to make...OF COURSE there is absolutely NO waaaaaay I would have the guts to ACTUALLLLLY say hi...BUT...LOL
I would be walking by him...which meant...he could POSSIBLY ...MAYBE...SEE ME!!! HAHAHAHA!!! And knowing that he could POSSIBLY.... MAYBE ...SEE ME... meant that I had a HUGE decision to make!!!

Should I put my sunglasses OFF???

OR ON???

Now I know you all are thinkin...WOW...what kind of a decision is THAT??? Weeeellll in my world its a pretty intense one!!! HAHAHA!!! See WITH my sunglasses on I think I look REALLLY, REALLLLLY COOOOOOL!!! On the other hand...I also like my eyes...Sooooo I didn't want to cover them up...NOW don't think I'm tryin to be concieted...I'm just TRYIN to get a husband...HAHA!!! Soooooo i'm standin there like, Sunglasses ON OR OFF??? Pretty OR cooool??? OH WOW!!!!
Then all of the sudden...I STOPPED IN MY TRACKS...I knew what I should do...whenever there is a question in your mind about what to do...PRAY ABOUT IT!!!! Thats RIGHT...I SAID
 PRAY ABOUT IT... and THEN this is what I KNEW I should do...

Thats RIGHT folks...when you don't know what to do ASK GOD!!!
His ideas are always THE BEST!!! ;)